Welcome to The Pretty Lab. Our mission is simple. To Build a prettier world through thoughtful packaging that makes people smile and impactful branding that invites people to think. 

Verdugo Mountain

Baking mixes

Classic American dessert mixes are locked inside these reusable, tin canisters, stylishly adorned with vintage inspired graphics with just a hint of industrialization.



This line of herbal scented candles takes its inspiration from botanical elements and french heritage. Delicate watercolor washes and elegant scroll work complete these sophisticated tubes.


hair care

A Korean hair care brand translating essentially to "Water Flower" features ultra premium black panels with metallic branding and minimal typography over microscopic photography of flower petals and plant life.

Burroughs Family Farms

Olive Oils

The passing of knowledge from one generation to the next takes center stage on this California family brand. Subtle flavor photography and sophisticated use of black offsets the bold colors.

Burroughs Family Farms


A family tradition continues with their line of flavored and roasted almonds. The packaging successfully extends the new branding and features appetizing product illustrations.


Kale Snacks

Playful use of line and pattern combine with strong branding, overhead ingredient photography and oversized raw kale imagery, to create an inviting package with personality to match the quirky brand name.


essential oils

Fashionable branding and bright flavor colors are utilized on this line of essential oils, which became the launching pad for a health and beauty company focused on combining cleanliness with organic ingredients.

Plenty Pops


Natural ingredients provide a healthy alternative for kids typical, artificial frozen treats. Plenty Pops friendly branding, rustic wood tones and modular overhead photography build a vibrant brand world.

Plenty Pops

pop packaging

The photography system was used to highlight each unique flavor combinations and to overlap the flavor banner, adding another level of depth and visual interest to the packaging.



Shrub is a fermented juice used to flavor sparkling waters and cocktails. We pulled elements from the founders Russian and Eastern European heritage to create a distinctive packaging system that feels at home next to a bottle of Russian vodka.

San Ramon Farmer's Market


Located on the former grounds of a large pear orchard, this poster design celebrates the farming spirit and pays homage to the history of this markets past.

JK Naturals


The use of craft paper textures and an understated black ribbon promises consumers a unique experience while providing the trust and effectiveness they've come to expect.

Balakian Farms

Blended tomatoes

These mason jars are elegantly adorned with a traditional black seal featuring custom illustration, leaving ample real estate for the beautiful, vivid product to shine through.


digestive supplement

A proprietary algae is the base for this digestive supplement. The branding is designed to highlight the safe, gentle and natural aspects which set this dissolvable beverage apart from synthetic competition.


ice creams

This nut-based ice cream alternative uses a tone-on-tone striped background with clean flavor banding and macro flavor photography to create an elegant brand platform with a subtle, European aesthetic.

Dr. Angelique Millette


The phases of the moon, the sun rising in the sky, and the closing of the eyes combine in this identity system for Dr. Angelique Millette, a sleep therapist specializing in infant and child sleeping solutions.

Mendocino Organics


Crossed shovels, negative space border elements and powerful block typography convey authority and confidence in a category normally associated with earth tones and amateurish graphics.

Canyon View


This identity for a multi purpose event facility uses white space to suggest the canyon, from which the slightly muted colors representing the sun, the earth and the sky are blossoming.